Stable Sub-Channel Dealer

1, All customers who have bought our products can become our distributors.

2, From October 1,We will make a unique CODE for each distributor, which can be recommended to others, when your customers and friends, please make sure that the customer fill in your CODE when placing an order! We will send CODE to each distributor by email.

3, We will return 10% of each distributor's total order as commission to the distributor (until 12.25.2022), provided that the customer confirms receipt of the goods.

4, If your customer gives a rating and posts no less than 3 feedback pictures, we will add another 1% commission.

5.Buy our products yourself and we will give you a commission according to this percentage.

6, Please note: From 12.26.2022, we will revert to 5% of each distributor's total order as commission.


Grateful for the support of all our friends, we will not forget the support of all our friends.

  1. From our inception until September 30, all customers who have bought products in our website, regardless of the size of the order, we will give a set of jewelry, jewelry jewelry is not sent separately, will be packaged together with the new orders purchased by friends, to send over.
  2. In October, for orders over $59, you can choose a hair product or a set of jewelry.
  3. We will use the email address left in the previous order to confirm the friend's identity


  • If you have questions or don't understand, please email me:
  • Or
  • The final explanation of this event belongs to the store!
    Thank you !